Blue Tent Temple in 2019

Welcome Blue Brothers and Sisters in Brother-and Sisterhood! We in "venushaus" open our new Tempel gates in year 2019 and proudly present our certificate, which enables us to facilitate Men Circles of that kind, as well.. in that way I'm starting my virtual TempelTime and open our spiritual gates during the winter soltice, which we personally celebrate with a peacefire ritual, then between sylvester and new year we go under these transformational times and open our gates local, physical at first in the new Year Time. I would LOVE to celebrate full Moons and dark Moons with you, Sun Signs and solar equinoxes..Element Rituals and Labyrinth dancing, meditating, painting, wishing and talking, so I invite you ALL Souls aroud me, around us, who could join us and enjoy our Circle Work of Brother-and Sisterhood to gather! You find us locally here in Switzerland, Espenstrasse 18A 9220 Bischofszell virtually: here you can find also our Red Tent Temple